20.11.2018 Operation hours at the accommodation office in 2018:
  ends  on Wednesday 19.12.2018 at 15:00
on Wednesday   2.1.2019   at   9:00
20.11.2018 Opening hours of accommodation office from 2.1.2019 will be only 7:30 – 11:00.
 (see http://www.kam.vutbr.cz/english/default.aspx?p=office)
25.9.2018 Exchange of rooms or moving to free beds will be possible from the 16.11.2018.
 Follow the same procedure as when you leave the dorm (http://www.kam.vutbr.cz/english/default.aspx?p=imp-info).
Information about free beds can be only obtained personally at the accommodation office.
10.9.2018 Accommodation capacities of Brno University of Technology are fully booked.
22.2.2018 There is no possibility of the payment by credit card.
 Winter term 2017/2018 – new arrivals
from 9.5.2017 on-line request for accommodation on websites www.kam.vutbr.cz – english version.
Reservation is possible to Pod Palackého vrchem block A03.
28.4.2017 Change rooms will be available from October 16, 2017
4.1.2017 Warning for Students:
fee for incoming payments from foreign accounts paid by the client from 1.2.2017.
31.10.2016 urlFee for municipal waste in Brno
9.9.2014 Adobe Portable document formatNotification for students coming from abroad regarding ebola